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Welcome to my world !

My name is Delia and I like create† miniatures and historical dress. About the sewing of dresses I receive a big

help from my† mother ,Orietta . Together we are the team DeDeDollís .We hope that You like our creations.

There are some of my OOAK dolls , from my favorite characters or historical periods or made

on commission . ALL DRESSES ARE REMOVABLE . If You have some questions feel free to ask me.

The dresses exposed can fit the old and new body . Dolls are not included . Are completed by shoes , bags ,

†umbrellas ,jewels ,hats depending from the dress. Texiles arent precious , but very nice .

Special Sets. Henry VIII and his wifes inspired by the knew† portraits , all accessories are handmade after a

accurate research . Napoleonic Hussards : 3 uniforms made after a long research on historical sites.

All pieces are handmade on original design. Louis XIV the french SunKing and his mistress.

For all dolls I repainted faces and often I resculpted faces or gave a new position using Milliput .

Terxtiles and other materials have been carefully checked to match as the periods represented

My flower fairies . All hand made and OOAK .

Furnitures on Barbie and other 11 and half inch dolls. All hand made by myself.

Picnic sets including plaid ,Bags all hand made by myself and on my original design.

The pic nic set includine 2 dishes,2 cutley sets (knife and forks) 2 plastic glasses .

If You like the food please see on MiniWorld section .

We doesent need big space to collect Mini. This is only a box but including about 50 pieces.

I made by myself the most of them. You will discovere them and others on the next pages : See

the Mini sections from 1 to 9 . Click on the photos to see some enlargements

My favourite links and Events where Iíll supposed to attend

In the Kitchen room :

The food ingredients

Cooking in progress

Cooked and uncooked

Ready to eat : Breakfast and Snack

Ready to eat : Lunch and Dinner

Not only food

The others rooms ( under construction ))

Mini Dolls for Dollís Houses ( under construction )